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What was the first retirement plan you started? It wasn’t a 401(k), or a pension, or an IRA, It was your Social Security account. Your first earnings, on your first paycheck, at your first job included deductions for Social Security. How do you make the most of your Social Security benefits?

Social Security benefits are not based on locked-in rates. You have choices to make. Delaying your Social Security start date for example can increase your monthly benefit amount by up to 135%. Brokerage Specialists works for you as your fiduciary advisor to help you retire well. One way we do this is by preparing a complimentary Social Security Maximization Report for you. Your personalized report will use your age, your primary insurance amount, your full retirement date, and your marital status to calculate the best strategy for you and your spouse. This report uses over 20,000 calculations to compare the different options available and provide you with a comprehensive plan for your Social Security benefits. For more information on Social Security Maximization see our whitepaper in the link below.

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