Retirement Planning

Client Focused, Personalized Approach, Fiduciary Driven


How many have walked out of a stock broker’s office owning a stack of mutual funds without really knowing why? Have you wondered what else you should be doing to prepare for retirement? Do you wish someone would help you make sense of social security benefits? Even though you have investments, are you confident that you have enough to live through retirement? You are not alone. We often meet with new clients who feel the same way. They become new clients because Brokerage Specialists does things differently.

Brokerage Specialists is a fiduciary financial advisor and investment manager. We provide you with management & advice to ensure you have retirement income when you are ready to retire. We start by working with you to figure out your personal goals. Then we analyze your current financial situation using all available financial resources, Including your potential Social Security benefits. We use this information to build a personalized comprehensive financial plan using the five Reports listed below.

Social Security Maximization Report – Social Security Benefits form a core part of nearly every American’s retirement income. But, these benefits and the options available are not always straight forward. We gather basic information about your personal situation such as full retirement age, primary insurance amount, and marital status. We then apply 20,000 calculations to find the best strategy for you. How many times has a “financial advisor” just referred you to the Social Security Administration for questions?

Color of Money Risk Analysis Report – You may have completed a risk assessment for your broker that resulted in a recommended balance of stocks or bonds. We go much further. Based on your personalized score, we balance your assets according to where and how your savings are held and managed. We divide your accounts into Red, Yellow, and Green Money. These three colors of money represent three different baskets for your assets. We put into our report first, where your money is now and show you where you are out of balance. Then we show you where it should be placed to meet your goals and comfort with risk.

Portfolio Analysis Report – Many people are able to look at a statement from their 401(k) and have a vague idea of how much they have invested in stocks or bonds. BUT, many do not have any idea what they are paying in fees and costs for those investments. The confusion is only compounded when all account types are taken into consideration. We conduct a thorough fact finding process to determine your current assets and goals. Then, we are able to show you your overall financial situation and where your investments are leaking dollars as fees and costs, and what your actual risk level is. How are you going to reach your destination, if you don’t know exactly where you are starting?

Asset Map Report – Now that you know exactly where you are starting, and how much risk you are comfortable with, you need a map to get where you are going. We provide you the map in our Asset Map Report that takes all of our proposed strategies and maps out where your assets need to move in order to match your Color of Money score. The Asset Map also includes forecasted returns or potential losses year over year for the proposed strategies. This lets you see visually how your strategies are expected to perform from year to year.

Compass Report – Many people enter retirement hoping they will have enough savings and social security to last them through retirement. Few have an income plan that will ensure it will. Our Compass Report gathers all available income sources including social security, pensions, investments, and insurance products into one report. The Compass Report then lays out, year by year, which resource will provide income and how much. This report can supply the peace of mind in knowing that your income is there for your expected lifetime.

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