Portfolio Analysis Report

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make sure your investments are pulling in the right direction.

Sled teams are amazing to watch in action. A sled tam can cover more than 100 miles per day at 10 to 11 miles per hour in some of the harshest conditions in the world. But, they can only reach their destination if they are all pulling in the same direction. You have spent a lifetime saving for retirement. But, is it being invested according to the level of risk you are comfortable with? Is it growing at a rate that will match your retirement goals? How much is it costing you to manage? Are your earnings going into your account, or being drained away by fees and costs? If your retirement is a destination, are all of your assets pulling in the same direction?

Many people can answer some of these questions about their ‘main’ retirement account. But, have you thought about every financial account you have? What about your checking, savings, a 401(k), a retirement account at a former employer, an IRA, or a rollover account? Add to the confusion all of your spouse’s accounts. Each of these accounts are assets that need to pull their load toward your retirement destination. It’s not just about your 401(k). As a fiduciary financial advisor we look at the big picture, the ‘destination’, to ensure all of your assets have a plan for success. One way we help you make better decisions about your money is our proprietary Portfolio Analysis Report (PAR). The PAR gathers information about all of your accounts including where they are located, rates of return, risk of loss, number and type of stocks or bonds held, and fees associated with each account and each investment. We analyze all of this information and present you with a clear report that combines all of these accounts into a comprehensive strategy that ensures all of your assets are pulling in the same direction.

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