Digital Safety Deposit Box

Client Focused, Personalized Approach, Fiduciary Driven

How about a safety deposit box that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from your home or your vacation spot?

How many of us have a notebook or folder at home of important documents, but we can’t easily put our hands on it. We know it’s there when we look for it. If anything happens to you, who will be able to find it for you? Will they know where to look? Will they need access to your house? Perhaps you are really prepared, and you have a safety deposit box. How often do you access those documents and keep them updated? Are you confident that the current versions of your documents are there? Are there copies of recent statements for accounts so that current details are readily available?

Brokerage Specialists is a fiduciary financial advisor and investment manager. We don’t sell securities products, we provide you with the advice and services to ensure you retire well. One of our services focuses on protecting your information and preparing you for urgent situations. How do you or your family access your records if you are hospitalized, traveling out of state, or out of the country. Our generational vault allows you to easily store, access, and share ALL of your important documents. We do not limit this service to only documents related to your accounts with our firm. In fact, we routinely help customers with scanning and uploading their estate plan documents, powers of attorney, or other policy documents. The owner of the vault can also create shared users within their family, or for their professional advisors like their attorney or tax preparer.

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