Compass Report

Client Focused, Personalized Approach, Fiduciary Driven

The smart way to reach a destination is to follow a map. Let us draw you a map to reach your retirement.

You have spent a lifetime saving for retirement. Once you enter retirement, you start spending those savings and living on a fixed income. How do you ensure those savings will last through your retirement years. Much like going on a trip, to reach a destination you need a map. Our Compass Report is a financial map through your retirement.

Brokerage Specialists is a fiduciary financial advisor and investment manager. We don’t sell product, we provide you with the advice and services to ensure you retire well. One such service is our Compass Report. The Compass Report gathers all of your potential income sources into one place including savings, investment accounts, annuities, social security benefits, pension benefits, or other resources. Then, year by year, the Compass Report maps out which accounts will provide income for that year and in what amount. This is a lot like the GPS on your phone giving you turn by turn directions. This highly detailed and personalized plan takes into consideration yearly changes in social security claiming status, required minimum distributions, and tax advantages of each account type. Don’t HOPE you have enough to last through retirement, make a detailed PLAN of how it will happen.

Request your personal detailed Compass Report today, and map your future.